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Welcome to Virginia Home Elevator, Stairlift & Ramp. 

“We make homes safe, accessible, and stairfree.”

At Virginia Home Elevator, Stairlift & Ramp we provide informative and cost effective solutions to remove stairs from your life.  Whether for convenience, safety, necessity or peace of mind we can provide the right solution for your home or your family member’s home.  Choosing the correct products and manufacturers can often be overwhelming.  We have the knowledge and expertise to match the right product from only leading manufacturers for a solution that we back up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our goal is to make it easy to eliminate the stairs that have become a barrier to your freedom as easy as 123stairfree.  We look forward to being of service to you and your family and making your life stairfree.


Edward J. Thibodeau


 “Have full access to your home for a lifetime by adding a

Virginia Home Elevator or Stairlift.”

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Things to Consider When Pricing a Residential Elevator Installation

A residential elevator installation provides many different benefits for the occupants of a home, including increased home value. Unfortunately, a hasty decision could decimate your investment. Before selecting a home elevator for the price alone, think about how these factors will impact the elevator’s price. What levels of the home does the elevator need to serve? …

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